Quality and certification

Quality assurance

A quality assurance system according to DIN EN ISO 9001: 2015 was established, which was approved by TÜV Thüringen on 1/12/2016. The first certification took place in 1998.

In our company, quality assurance is carried out according to defined customer specifications. Products are subjected to an optical and dimensional test to ensure high quality. The measurements are carried out via digital measuring devices / test equipment and are recorded in the computer system.

An evaluation can be carried out in statistics, ability studies, and analyses (eg SPC, Cpk, Cmk). They can be created and handed over according to different specifications and manufacturers. Appropriate initial sample inspection reports according to VDA 6.1 are possible for initial samples.

Our credo: “A satisfied customer comes back and we want you to come back!”

Our reviews from the last 3 years:

Customer satisfaction: very good  <1.5
Supplier rating: “an A-supplier
External error costs: as a percentage of sales 0.3%