Products for everyday use

At GHS Plastic GmbH, we produce precisely manufactured products at the customer’s request. But our range also includes consumer goods for daily use. These can be customised according to your needs. For example, you can choose the packaging size, colour, imprint, EAN code, etc. Talk to us about your ideas. We are happy to meet your requirements.

Clothes peg 70

The clothes peg 70 is the most cost-effective clothes peg.

Clothes peg 80

Made of robust and solid plastic and high quality with a long life – this is our clothes peg 80. We offer the peg in 5 colours, but we are happy to make it according to your requirements.

Clothes peg 100 / weather-resistant peg

Our top-of-the-line clothes pen – the top model. It is particularly large and stable, made from a high-quality plastic and has a particularly strong spring. It keeps thick and heavy clothing in its place even in strong winds.

Plug peg

Our plug pegs are made of solid plastic and can be used in many different ways and have lovely animal themes on them. They do not leave any marks on the washing and are therefore particularly suitable for delicate clothing.

Clothes peg basket

The peg basket, which can be easily attached to the clothesline thanks to its hooks integrated into the handle, has enough space for your clothes pegs. It is made of shatter-proof plastic and available in many colours. The clothes peg basket can also be used for stowing and sorting various utensils.

Bag closure

Our incredibly practical bag closure is made of flexible plastic. It requires little space in the kitchen drawer and can be closed as often as required.

Ice cube tray

The ice cube tray made of solid, food-safe plastic for a total of 21 ice cubes is robust and simple. It also comes with a lid.

Tablecloth clip

We all know them, the practical, small tablecloth clips that keep the tablecloth securely in place even when the wind is blowing! We supply them as desired in different colours and pack sizes.

Window clips

Wind hitting the window can damage the window frame, glass, and seals. Our window clips secure your window. The distance can be adjusted by several clips.

Sink insert (square)

The sink insert protects square sinks from scratches and dents. We manufacture it in two different sizes or according to the specifications of our customers.

Sink insert (round)

The sink insert protects your sink from scratches and dents. It is simply placed in the right size in the sink. The water can drain completely as normal.

Colour can holder

The colour can holder makes your work easier. It can be used universally for all standard colour cans. Ideal as a promotional gift for craft businesses as well as for all painters as a practical tool.

Frisbee disk

Our frisbee disc is an ideal promotional gift. You can order the Frisbee  with your logo directly from us. And at a very reasonable price. A beautiful gift so your customers can enjoy a little fun.

Mobile phone case

We manufacture mobile phone cases and mobile phone accessories. Like this special mobile phone case where you can carry many accessories such as earphones together with your mobile phone.

The incredible flyclap

The incredible flyclap has a sponge where normally there is plastic mesh. When using it, no annoying blood spots are left behind and the insect can be removed through a slit without getting your fingers dirty.

    Clothes peg 70Clothes peg 80Clothes peg 100Clothes plugClothes peg basketBag closureIce cube trayTablecloth clipWindow clipsSink insert (square)Sink insert (round)Colour can holderFrisbee diskMobile phone caseThe incredible flyclap

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