Ventilation technology from plastic injection moulding

The materials PPs, PP, PE, PVC, PPel, PPsel, and PVDF are processed for ventilation technology.  GHS has been processing PVDF for many years. GHS is one of few manufacturers of injection moulded parts that processes this material. PVDF is a very high quality material which has a high chemical resistance and is used as a substitute for stainless steel applications.

Thermoplastic plastic parts made of PP (flame retardant PP) for ventilation systems:

GHS manufactures ventilators made of PPs. Metal hubs are extrusion coated and the base body is riveted with the cover by ultrasonic welding. Several mechanical reworking steps by turning shut down the production. The ventilating wheels can then be balanced.

In addition to ventilating wheels, we also manufacture other injection moulded parts for ventilation technology such as casing covers. In addition to the standard material PPs, the parts can be made of conductive PP (PPel).

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We manufacture special flame-retardant fan wheels for the Hürner-Funken company. These can be electrically conductive on the customer’s request.

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