Clothes pegs by GHS Plastic

We produce stable and long lasting plastic clothes pegs and plug pegs, which can be ordered in 5 different colors and 3 differents strengths.

We can adjust the packaging size, the outer packaging and the EAN code according to your wishes and specifications. Please contact us directly for your individual offer.

In addition, we offer other plastic products, such as the practical clothes clip basket.

Clothes peg 70

The most cost-effective clothes peg is model 70. It is light, but strong nevertheless.

Clothes peg 80

Made of robust and solid plastic and high quality with a long life – this is our clothes peg 80. We offer the peg in 5 colours, but we are happy to make it according to your requirements.

Clothes peg 100 (weather-resistant peg)

Our top-of-the-line clothes peg – the top model. It is particularly large and stable, made from a high-quality plastic and has a particularly strong spring. It keeps thick and heavy clothing in its place even in strong winds.

Plug peg

Our plug pegs are made of solid plastic and can be used in many different ways and have lovely animal themes on them. They do not leave any marks on the washing and are therefore particularly suitable for delicate clothing.

Clothes peg basket

The peg basket, which can be easily attached to the clothesline thanks to its hooks integrated into the handle, has enough space for your clothes pegs. It is made of shatter-proof plastic and available in many colours. The clothes peg basket can also be used for stowing and sorting various utensils.

Products for everyday use

In addition to the cloths pegs, we also produce a wide range of other products for daily use made of plastic, such as sink inserts, bag closures or ice cube makers.

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We are happy to implement your requirements. Talk to us about the options for producing your plastic product.